“Who Dr. Marc Feldman was and why he matters to me, and why he should matter to you”

“Who Dr. Marc Feldman was and why he matters to me, and why he should matter to you”


 feldmanAs someone who has all been interested in politics I have never felt like I had a political home, until now. Like many of you, this last election left a bad taste in my mouth. Literally the most polarizing figures in history were up to lead the free world. As someone who always considered themselves a Republican but with liberal views on a lot of issues I never really fit into the Republican mold. I began researching my options during this last election due to the disillusionment and disgust I had and that’s when I found my true home, The Libertarian Party. As I read the party platform late one night I found myself yelling out in agreement with everything I was reading. I finally had found my place in the political sun.

One of the first websites I found when researching Libertarian Party candidates belonged to Dr. Marc Feldman. Dr. Feldman hailed from the Buckeye State, my state of Ohio. His website was www.votesnotforsale.com What was this craziness I was reading?!? A political hopeful whose website domain was titled votes not for sale? That is unheard of in modern politics! A person running for the highest office who clearly stated on his website that big money had corrupted politics.    

Dr. Marc Feldman grew up just outside Washington D.C. Spending most of his childhood around politicians Dr. Feldman grew to despise the two-party system. At age 50 he found his place in the Libertarian Party. First running for Ohio Treasurer in 2014 and then President in 2016. He was educated at the prestigious John Hopkins University where he received his M.D. then went on to work at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic in 1998. Dr. Feldman was the section head of anesthesia for the Cole Eye Institute and director of the Cole Eye Institute operating room.

Okay you say, Dr. Feldman was an accomplished guy but why should he matter to me and why does he matter to you? Dr. Feldman is a shining example of a person who was disillusioned with the two-party system and did something about it. He didn’t complain and gripe to his friends and sneer at the news, he took the bull by the horns and ran for President. The power belongs to we the people and I think we forget that sometimes. When you first get immersed in the liberty movement and Libertarian politics in general a lot of names keep coming up, Ron Paul, Matt Kibbe, Tom Massie and Marc Feldman.

Dr. Feldman lost out as the official presidential nominee of The Libertarian Party to Gary Johnson. He openly spoke out against money in politics, shrinking big government, banning eminent domain and balancing the federal budget, all things I think we can agree on. Dr. Feldman was a man who could unite all libertarians regardless of views on under one tent. And he will be missed by all in the liberty minded world.

Sadly Dr. Feldman passed away on June 22, 2016 less than a month after The Libertarian Party National Convention where he was received with open arms. Dr. Feldman passed in a Cleveland area hotel due to natural causes. The passing of Dr. Feldman has left a huge hole in the Libertarian Party and the liberty movement as whole. This was a man, just like me, from my state, who was sick of being lied to by big government and seeing the rampart corruption in both parties who did something about it. A man who had become disillusioned by the two-party system just like me, and found his home with The Libertarian Party, the “Party of Principle” just like I had. That is why Dr. Feldman matters to me most of all, because I can identify with his struggles with politicians and partisan politics as I had and like him I found a community of people who share my beliefs and welcomed me with open arms.

We here at The Feldman Foundation started this organization to finish what he started and honor him with our name. We strive to inject liberty into the modern political arena and further the ideas of Dr. Feldman and The Libertarian Party. Marc wherever you are, I hope you know those of us down here have not forgotten you and we can only hope to live up to the legacy that you left behind way too soon. Just know that the torch has been passed and we will continue to fight for freedom and liberty in your good name. May you rest in peace Dr. Marc Allan Feldman, we’ll take it from here.


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  • commented 2017-03-03 12:41:25 -0500
    Beautiful tribute. He was an inspiration.