The Feldman Foundation

Meet the Board of Directors of The Feldman Foundation:


Michelle MacCutcheon, Director of Recruitment and HR is a small business owner managing an HR firm in her spare time. She is long time Libertarian and has been a volunteer for most of her life. Her weakness is Dachshunds. Her strength is, no strengths are, creating complex reporting metrics to keep track of our efforts!


Jared Hall, Director of Communication, is a tradesman in his part time effort to support his family. He was once a bleeding heart liberal who realized that to truly help humanity, they must be free. He likes whiskey and statutes and long church services. His favorite phrase is, ‘our candidate has received an invitation to the debate’. His favorite words are: facetious and magnanimous.


Erin Adams, Director of Fundraising, is our fiery and fierce defender of liberty and freedom. She is also a long time Libertarian. She serves on committee after committee. She works for her local party, state party and even serves on the LNC. I cannot figure out what her part time job, is because she is never, not working for liberty, for free. Also, does she sleep?


Angela Fisher, Executive Director, is a lifelong learner. She has been working on campaigns since the 90s. We stole her many years ago from the D’s and she will never look back. She is ferocious and strategic and her talent is in anticipating outcomes of any action. She loves to study people and how they function and that serves us well. Her favorite number is 13 and she secretly does in fact, have emotion. 

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