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MARCH 24, 2017

  Jared Hall, Communications Director,



Angela McArdle Opens Up About Fighting the Wall

LOS ANGELES, CA -  In light of the upcoming special election for the 34th Congressional District, one candidate stands above the others in her dedication to the people of our area, Angela McArdle is extremely dedicated as evidenced by her volunteer work with Food Not Bombs.  She also has long been an advocate for the homeless by emphasizing compassion, non-judgment, empowerment and personal accountability. 

When asked about some current concerns, Ms. McArdle stated, "I oppose the border wall and I am for immigration reform. My view on immigration is pretty close to "free trade & migration." I won't be pushing in Congress for immediate citizenship of all undocumented people but I would like to see work Visas extended to undocumented people that contribute to our economy, and possibly visas for their families. [sic]  I think I have the most realistic idea on immigration reform. I'm prepared to draft a proposal on it & take it to subcommittees."

 "With respect to the Border Wall, I'll oppose it as much as possible from a financial perspective, voting No on anything that pushes us closer to actually wasting our money on it. And I'll also advise my constituents and the rest of the Representatives for CA, on nullification efforts with respect to the wall because it will likely include eminent domain."

Angela McArdle is running for United States House of Representatives to replace Xavier Becerra. This special election is heavily populated and considered of dire importance due to the outcome of the POTUS election.


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