Ballot Access Bill, Sponsored by Laura Ebke, Forcing Politicians To Accept The Next Generation, Passes Unanimously

LINCOLN, NE. - On Monday, April 27, Nebraska’s Unicameral voted to pass LB34, the ‘Ballot Access Bill’ sponsored by Senator Laura Ebke, which is now on the desk of Governor Pete Ricketts, where he is expected to give approval. With the passage of this bill, Nebraska has put itself in the driver’s seat of fair politics, once again leading by example, thanks to the intelligence and leadership of Senator Ebke.

 Senator Ebke stated that the new bill is exciting for the state of Nebraska. This bill is effectively a game changer for the current state of politics, bringing a new dynamic and evening the playing field.

 Up until this point all political parties had to keep a 5% vote every four years in a statewide office to retain a permanent party status that allowed them immediate access to ballot placement without having to have petition drives. This was done by choosing a “sacrificial lamb,” and has historically been a burden to both the taxpayers, the parties, as well as the state, with resources taken up counting and verifying signatures.

It is expected that more resources will be placed on points of concern, with a likely increase in potential candidates for a wide array of local races, city and county-wide.

This bill very simply states that any political party that has 10,000 registered voters will retain permanent party status, having passed with a resounding 48 Yeas to 0 Nays. The unanimous decision did not phase Senator Ebke who stated that she expected no major disagreement from the officially nonpartisan Nebraska Unicameral and for it to pass quietly.

This is incredibly important for the Libertarian Party in Nebraska as there are already 12,000 registered voters in the state, immediately giving the Libertarian Party permanent party status.

We are making headway state after state, and are furthering the cause of “Liberty for All” in an epic journey to make our nation's representatives represent the whole of American people again.

Senator Ebke, who will be running for reelection as a Libertarian in 2018, stated that the people of Nebraska are “independently minded and just wish to be left alone for the most part.” She made the party change in May of 2016 to more align with her views. On her own accord, she said she felt at home with the party’s values and that with even being a 4th Generation Republican, she was welcomed with open arms.

Senator Ebke answered with a resounding yes when asked if this legislation could be used as a template for other state governments. She went on record as to say, “The simpler, the better.” When asked who she felt the true winners are with the passage of this bill: “The people.” With a growing resentment and distancing from the Republican and Democratic parties, Nebraskans are yearning for new choices. “The data shows that more and more people are voting Libertarian” said the Senator. She also stoically stated, “The people will be the winners because they will finally have a voice.”




You can learn more about Nebraska State Senator Laura Ebke at


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  • commented 2017-04-28 03:51:11 -0400
    Outstanding! Give me Liberty or give me death 💀