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Senator Laura Ebke

Senator Ebke of Nebraska is one of two Libertarians currently serving in a state legislature. Prior to holding public office, Laura graduated from She was elected to the Unicameral in 2014 as a liberty loving Republican, and reregistered as a Libertarian in May of 2016. in January of 2017 she was nominated and elected as chair of the Judicial Committe. She was instrumental in changing Nebraska laws regarding civil forfeiture, making it illegal for the state, or a subdivision thereof to seize private property without first a citizen being found guity of a crime. Senator Ebke also just recently introduced LB34, 'the ballot access bill,' that was passed and becme law this past April. This bill changed requirements for political parties to maintain ballot access. This was a huge win for Nebraska!



Erin Adams

We are excited to announce that our very own Erin Adams is running for LNC Region 7 Alternate seat.

Before co-founding The Feldman Foundation, Erin served various positions in both her home state of Oklahoma and nationally. Most recently Erin filled a wide variety of roles with the Johnson Weld campaign including Regional Field Director, National Outreach Events Coordinator, and Oklahoma State Director.

In Oklahoma Erin is the Chair of the Povertarians, Vice-chair of The Radical Caucus, and President of the Oklahoma Libertarian Toastmaster Club. She has served as a delegate and as an elector.

Please consider visiting her campaign page and giving her your support.



Angela McArdle

Angela was recently a candidate in the Special Election for California U.S. Congressional District 34.

After graduating from Biola University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership, she went straight to work at a small law firm and then went on to earn my Paralegal Certificate from UCLA Extension.

While working in litigation for the past seven years, Angela came across all different kinds of people — from the poor senior citizen barely making ends meet, to the successful entrepreneur who works to provide for his family and boost his local economy.

In herfirst few years of litigation she dealt with debt collection, employment lawsuits, and loan sharking, seeing firsthand the dirty details of the housing crisis played out in courtrooms and attorneys’ offices. Angela saw how the federal reserve’s money meddling unhinged the housing market and how government bail outs poured salt in the wounds of everyone who lost their homes.

After a few years, Angela transitioned to working as a legal aid and started providing eviction defense. Many of the people who used to be homeowners were bumped down the financial ladder to renter status. Instead of dealing with mortgages, now they dealt with landlords, and on a tighter budget. Different powers, same struggles…

Representing the people; that was Angela's goal in running for office.

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    Hello! Cara Schulz with the LNP advised me to reach out to you and see if you would be willing to assist me with some aspects of my upcoming campaign.
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