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What Have We Done Now

This first year is and has been amazing. There has been so many outright successes that we, at The Feldman Foundation, were not prepared to see. It goes to show what can be done if your focus is ON GETTING CANDIDATES ELECTED AND ENSURING INCLUSION FOR ALL CANDIDATES. We came out fighting and it showed.


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I know you want to hear about all the success we had this year but this email is to tell you what to be excited for NEXT year. 


So far this year, we forced two congressional candidates to be included into major debates at the last moment. Often times, when an organization knows they have every intention to exclude candidates that they do not favor, they will not say so, until the final hour. So, we jumped in and calmly demanded that either all candidates with ballot access be included OR they file in-kind contributions to the other candidates. It worked. It continues to work. We just exploited this on the state level as well. The result, the same!


Mark Wicks

Joe Buchman

Alison Foxall 


All were originally excluded and ALL have been invited and participated. And even better, they BLEW their opponents out of the water. And no one would have ever heard their voice. 


We offered our services to a mayoral candidate  in El Paso and came out with 45% percent of the vote. If we had enough money to include travel in our budget, we would have won for sure. 


We came in at the last minute and put Angela McArdle on the map in L.A. County during a special election. She is running for the same seat this next cycle and we hope to be able to continue to do what we do, for her and many others. 


During the 2017 cycle we took on three candidates in three different locations in the U.S. One of them won, the other two ended up with record breaking vote totals in a state where only the duopoly has ballot access. 


We continue to provide consulting services to Senator Laura Ebke, Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Sharpe and a list of about 20 more for the next cycle. In addition to consulting, The Feldman Foundation offers campaign corps services. We provide phone banking, social media, traditional media, website, email, data services, LTE campaigns, and much more.


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But what was the most effective new toy we launched? Text! We were able to increase voter outreach by 300% by utilizing text messaging effectively. 


We also learned how to utilize voter data and Facebook ads to be able to reach very specific voters based on very specific messages. 


We also are now able to accept BitCoin. I guess that is also pretty exciting. 


Oh, I almost forgot to mention, The Feldman Foundation has created and launched training for Campaign Staff AND candidates. This training includes Breaking Down a Campaign Plan, Fundraising, Budgeting for your Race, Win Numbers, Recruitment and Training for your whole staff, Nationbuilder Training for Volunteers and Staff and How to Run an Effective Letters to the Editors Campaign. Next up will be Earned Media, Events Management, Debate and Forum Preparation. 


And that is not all.


Next year, we will continue to do the same work. We will continue to add training. We will travel across the states to provide further training and we launch new technology that will change how we campaign. 


This new technology is in the works and will be BETA tested during our next round of Primary Elections. I am so excited I could burst. I wish I could tell you more, but it will bring third party candidates from celebrating record number of votes, to celebrating winning their races. 


In 2018, we will do more, we will do better and we will fulfill our commitments to you and our candidates. The new technology is the first step to being able to effectively poll and ensure inclusion of all candidates. It will be without bias. 


Thank you for sharing in our first year of great success and we look forward to sharing far more in the upcoming years. 


Before you leave, please take a moment to make a pledge, so we CAN ALL do more.





The Feldman Foundation


Ballot Access Bill, Sponsored by Laura Ebke, Forcing Politicians To Accept The Next Generation, Passes Unanimously

LINCOLN, NE. - On Monday, April 27, Nebraska’s Unicameral voted to pass LB34, the ‘Ballot Access Bill’ sponsored by Senator Laura Ebke, which is now on the desk of Governor Pete Ricketts, where he is expected to give approval. With the passage of this bill, Nebraska has put itself in the driver’s seat of fair politics, once again leading by example, thanks to the intelligence and leadership of Senator Ebke.

 Senator Ebke stated that the new bill is exciting for the state of Nebraska. This bill is effectively a game changer for the current state of politics, bringing a new dynamic and evening the playing field.

 Up until this point all political parties had to keep a 5% vote every four years in a statewide office to retain a permanent party status that allowed them immediate access to ballot placement without having to have petition drives. This was done by choosing a “sacrificial lamb,” and has historically been a burden to both the taxpayers, the parties, as well as the state, with resources taken up counting and verifying signatures.

It is expected that more resources will be placed on points of concern, with a likely increase in potential candidates for a wide array of local races, city and county-wide.

This bill very simply states that any political party that has 10,000 registered voters will retain permanent party status, having passed with a resounding 48 Yeas to 0 Nays. The unanimous decision did not phase Senator Ebke who stated that she expected no major disagreement from the officially nonpartisan Nebraska Unicameral and for it to pass quietly.

This is incredibly important for the Libertarian Party in Nebraska as there are already 12,000 registered voters in the state, immediately giving the Libertarian Party permanent party status.

We are making headway state after state, and are furthering the cause of “Liberty for All” in an epic journey to make our nation's representatives represent the whole of American people again.

Senator Ebke, who will be running for reelection as a Libertarian in 2018, stated that the people of Nebraska are “independently minded and just wish to be left alone for the most part.” She made the party change in May of 2016 to more align with her views. On her own accord, she said she felt at home with the party’s values and that with even being a 4th Generation Republican, she was welcomed with open arms.

Senator Ebke answered with a resounding yes when asked if this legislation could be used as a template for other state governments. She went on record as to say, “The simpler, the better.” When asked who she felt the true winners are with the passage of this bill: “The people.” With a growing resentment and distancing from the Republican and Democratic parties, Nebraskans are yearning for new choices. “The data shows that more and more people are voting Libertarian” said the Senator. She also stoically stated, “The people will be the winners because they will finally have a voice.”




You can learn more about Nebraska State Senator Laura Ebke at


Angela McArdle


MARCH 24, 2017

  Jared Hall, Communications Director,



Angela McArdle Opens Up About Fighting the Wall

LOS ANGELES, CA -  In light of the upcoming special election for the 34th Congressional District, one candidate stands above the others in her dedication to the people of our area, Angela McArdle is extremely dedicated as evidenced by her volunteer work with Food Not Bombs.  She also has long been an advocate for the homeless by emphasizing compassion, non-judgment, empowerment and personal accountability. 

When asked about some current concerns, Ms. McArdle stated, "I oppose the border wall and I am for immigration reform. My view on immigration is pretty close to "free trade & migration." I won't be pushing in Congress for immediate citizenship of all undocumented people but I would like to see work Visas extended to undocumented people that contribute to our economy, and possibly visas for their families. [sic]  I think I have the most realistic idea on immigration reform. I'm prepared to draft a proposal on it & take it to subcommittees."

 "With respect to the Border Wall, I'll oppose it as much as possible from a financial perspective, voting No on anything that pushes us closer to actually wasting our money on it. And I'll also advise my constituents and the rest of the Representatives for CA, on nullification efforts with respect to the wall because it will likely include eminent domain."

Angela McArdle is running for United States House of Representatives to replace Xavier Becerra. This special election is heavily populated and considered of dire importance due to the outcome of the POTUS election.


The Feldman Foundation was founded to provide resources to candidates who support working for a country where the people are the focus again.


Interviews are available.
You can find out more about her stances at her site:; as well as her Facebook page:


“Who Dr. Marc Feldman was and why he matters to me, and why he should matter to you”

“Who Dr. Marc Feldman was and why he matters to me, and why he should matter to you”


 feldmanAs someone who has all been interested in politics I have never felt like I had a political home, until now. Like many of you, this last election left a bad taste in my mouth. Literally the most polarizing figures in history were up to lead the free world. As someone who always considered themselves a Republican but with liberal views on a lot of issues I never really fit into the Republican mold. I began researching my options during this last election due to the disillusionment and disgust I had and that’s when I found my true home, The Libertarian Party. As I read the party platform late one night I found myself yelling out in agreement with everything I was reading. I finally had found my place in the political sun.

One of the first websites I found when researching Libertarian Party candidates belonged to Dr. Marc Feldman. Dr. Feldman hailed from the Buckeye State, my state of Ohio. His website was What was this craziness I was reading?!? A political hopeful whose website domain was titled votes not for sale? That is unheard of in modern politics! A person running for the highest office who clearly stated on his website that big money had corrupted politics.    

Dr. Marc Feldman grew up just outside Washington D.C. Spending most of his childhood around politicians Dr. Feldman grew to despise the two-party system. At age 50 he found his place in the Libertarian Party. First running for Ohio Treasurer in 2014 and then President in 2016. He was educated at the prestigious John Hopkins University where he received his M.D. then went on to work at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic in 1998. Dr. Feldman was the section head of anesthesia for the Cole Eye Institute and director of the Cole Eye Institute operating room.

Okay you say, Dr. Feldman was an accomplished guy but why should he matter to me and why does he matter to you? Dr. Feldman is a shining example of a person who was disillusioned with the two-party system and did something about it. He didn’t complain and gripe to his friends and sneer at the news, he took the bull by the horns and ran for President. The power belongs to we the people and I think we forget that sometimes. When you first get immersed in the liberty movement and Libertarian politics in general a lot of names keep coming up, Ron Paul, Matt Kibbe, Tom Massie and Marc Feldman.

Dr. Feldman lost out as the official presidential nominee of The Libertarian Party to Gary Johnson. He openly spoke out against money in politics, shrinking big government, banning eminent domain and balancing the federal budget, all things I think we can agree on. Dr. Feldman was a man who could unite all libertarians regardless of views on under one tent. And he will be missed by all in the liberty minded world.

Sadly Dr. Feldman passed away on June 22, 2016 less than a month after The Libertarian Party National Convention where he was received with open arms. Dr. Feldman passed in a Cleveland area hotel due to natural causes. The passing of Dr. Feldman has left a huge hole in the Libertarian Party and the liberty movement as whole. This was a man, just like me, from my state, who was sick of being lied to by big government and seeing the rampart corruption in both parties who did something about it. A man who had become disillusioned by the two-party system just like me, and found his home with The Libertarian Party, the “Party of Principle” just like I had. That is why Dr. Feldman matters to me most of all, because I can identify with his struggles with politicians and partisan politics as I had and like him I found a community of people who share my beliefs and welcomed me with open arms.

We here at The Feldman Foundation started this organization to finish what he started and honor him with our name. We strive to inject liberty into the modern political arena and further the ideas of Dr. Feldman and The Libertarian Party. Marc wherever you are, I hope you know those of us down here have not forgotten you and we can only hope to live up to the legacy that you left behind way too soon. Just know that the torch has been passed and we will continue to fight for freedom and liberty in your good name. May you rest in peace Dr. Marc Allan Feldman, we’ll take it from here.


Getting To Know Traci Baker, Candidate For ward 7 , Norman Oklahoma.

Recently the Feldman Foundation Spoke with Traci about her race, her Libertarianisim, and the changes she would like to see for her ward.

Read more

Lyft Takes a Stand for Liberty

Indianapolis, Indiana — Ride sharing company Lyft has responded to the President’s immigration ban in a huge way. Recently Lyft co-founders John Zimmer and Logan Green announced that the company would be making a $1 million dollar donation to the American Civil Liberties Union over a period of 4 years to quote “defend our Constitution”. In an email that was sent to Lyft customers the company condemned the ban which halts the influx of refugees from Syria into the United States and also several other Muslim majority countries. The email continued stating that “banning people of a particular faith or creed, race or identity, sexuality or ethnicity, from entering the U.S. is antithetical to both Lyft's and our nation's core values. We stand firmly against these actions, and will not be silent on issues that threaten the values of our community.”

On the flip side of the coin Uber is not faring so well. In a lukewarm attempt to appease the masses but stay uninvolved CEO Travis Kalanick issued a statement stating that “We are working out a process to identify these drivers and compensate them pro bono during the next three months to help mitigate some of the financial stress and complications with supporting their families and putting food on the table. We will have more details on this in the coming days” But as of this writing no details have been released that this author could find. #DeleteUber has recently surfaced on Twitter as a majority of people feel Uber should take a page from Lyft and do or say more and was the number one trending topic for weeks

Another point of contention for a lot of folks following this story is Kalanick is part of Trump's economic advisory team and is a head of an international Silicon Valley company. One of the reasons Uber does not seem that concerned is in a statement made by the company they reference they "reached out to the dozen or so employees who we know are affected".  With only a dozen or so employees the ban will not affect Uber that much. Recently the New York Taxi Worker Alliance announced via Twitter that in a show of protest they would not pick up passengers at the JFK Airport from 6pm to 7pm in New York City. Uber on the other hand announced that they would not be charging surge pricing during that time but indicated that they would still be in service, leading many to call them "strike breakers".

At this point in our history we are seeing Executive Orders that are being issued that go against the very principals this country was founded on. Refugees are fleeing war torn countries seeking safety from violence and tyranny only to find oppression waiting on our shores. The Statue of Liberty bears the words "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free". What happened to those principals? We may as well hang a sign that says "No more room at the Inn". We should punish Governments not people and sadly the ones most affected by this have done nothing wrong. Lyft has proven that liberty loving people in this country still exist and will take a stand against wrongs being untaken by a tyrannical government, and sadly thus far we are not even 100 days into the new administration. Does anybody else find it ironic that a nation of immigrants is now hostile to immigrants?

Score One For the Good Guys, Federal Judge Rules Against Commission on Presidential Debate

Indianapolis, Indiana — Recently a case was filed against the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) and the Commission on Presidential Debate (CPD) citing unfair criteria for candidates to be included in presidential debates. During the last election, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein were excluded due to not meeting certain benchmarks set forth by the CPD. A quick glance at the CPD's website makes the laughable claim that they are a "nonpartisan" organization but as this last election shows that is the furthest thing from the truth.

According to the CPD's website one of the major criteria for being able to participate in the debates is the ability to meet the 2016 Nonpartisan Candidate Selection Criteria which it adopted in 2015. Candidates who wish to debate must "be Constitutionally eligible, candidates must appear on a sufficient number of ballots to have a mathematical chance of winning a majority vote in the Electoral College, and have a level of support of at least 15% of the national electorate as determined by five selected national public opinion polling organizations."

In response to these unfair regulations an organization known as Level the Playing Field (LPF) filed a lawsuit in U.S.District Court of Washington D.C. Lead Attorney for LPF Alexandra Shapiro made the case that the Commission on Presidential Debates should lose its nonprofit status due to its exclusion of 3rd party candidates due to them not meeting the CPD's criteria. The CPD is actually regulated by the Federal Elections Commission and in a surprising turn of events Judge Tanya Chutkan ruled against the FEC. Judge Chutkan granted the LPF's request for summary judgement and ordered the FEC to reconsider the allegations leveled against the CPD within a 30 day time frame.

A look at Judge Chutkan's order states "The FEC is ordered to reconsider the evidence and allegations and issue a new decision consistent with this opinion within 30 days, failing which the complainant(s) may bring, in the name of such complainant(s), a civil action to remedy the violation involved in the original complaint. The FEC is further ordered to reconsider the Petition for Rulemaking and issue a new decision consistent this opinion within sixty days."

Another one LPF's main arguments claim that the FEC violated campaign finance law, consequently rigging the debates in favor of the 2 major party candidates. A cornerstone of LPF's argument is CPD raises millions of dollars in corporate funds to produce said debates, but that funding would be illegal if it was contributed to specific candidates e.g. Democrats and/or Republicans. The FEC apparently dismissed an enforcement case against the CPD which was previously brought and FEC attorney Robert Bonham could not provide a good reason to Judge Chutkan as to why it was dismissed. LPF is challenging that dismissal and making the case that current rules deprive independent and 3rd party candidates from having any chance to compete seriously for the Presidency. The last time a 3rd party candidate was included in the debates was Ross Perot in 1992.

Hopefully this ruling is a sign of things to come. Even though he was polling at 11% in some markets and on the ballot in all 50 states, Gary Johnson was left out in the cold. Looking at poll numbers this last election Johnson garnered over 4 million votes, when you think about that, the FEC and CPD silenced over 4 million persons whose votes and voices deserved to be heard but were stifled by the establishment. This election cycle gave us the 2 most polarizing figures in recent political history, and most people voted for the lesser of two evils, but voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil. It is time for our voices to be heard and to tell the bloated government we have had enough and hopefully this was the first step. The system is rigged against us Libertarians but we will not give up the fight for what we believe in. The FEC and CPD can be summed in one very simple quote. In the words of Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"


US Spy Agencies Declare That Russia Used 3rd Party Debate as One of its Sinister Tools: A Response

Indianapolis, Indiana — On January 6th 2017, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence issued a report purporting to show that Russia influenced and hacked the US Presidential Election. In the report titled ‘Background to “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”: The Analytic Process and Cyber Incident Attribution’ the report makes the case against Russia citing a lengthy investigation that the National Intelligence Council conducted. Some of the more interesting parts of the report detail that Russia Today (RT) is a quote “Kremlin-financed channel operated from within the United States, (and) has substantially expanded its repertoire of programming that highlights criticism of alleged US shortcomings in democracy and civil liberties”
According to the report, RT has engaged in a pattern of journalism to undermine the United States and its politicians. One of the stories highlighted in the report state that during the 2012 Presidential Election RT gave harsh criticism of the United States democratic process and ran stories about voter fraud and the vulnerabilities of our voting machines. In addition it also ran 2 television shows, one being titled “Breaking the Set” and the other “Truthseeker”. Both shows according to the report, were propaganda aimed at focusing criticism on the US and other Western Governments and also sowing the seeds of what is quoted as “radical discontent.
What is of particular interest to Libertarians is in Annex A in a section titled Russia -- Kremlin's TV Seeks To Influence Politics, Fuel Discontent in US, makes mention of the fact RT in 2012 broadcast a third party Presidential debate between Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. According to the report, the purpose for RT broadcasting the debate between the nominee for the Libertarian Party and the nominee of the Green Party, was to shine light on the fact that a lack of democracy exists in the United States. RT also ran ads that supported both parties’ political ideals, and also stated that that the two party system was a sham and did not represent the views of one-third of the population.
In the eyes of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence if you are a follower of Libertarian ideals e.g. liberty, free markets, property rights and privacy you are inherently trying to undermine the modern day political system. The Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in the United States behind the Democrats and Republicans, with according to estimates bolsters a roster 326,000 members. If we are to believe the above mentioned report that by televising or giving press to the Libertarian Party is an attempt to undermine US democracy, then we must also include the Fox Business channel which ran the Libertarian Presidential Debate between Gary Johnson, Austin Peterson and John McAfee in 2016. Also included is CNN who ran a Libertarian Town Hall with Gary Johnson and Bill Weld not once but on two separate occasions. But one cannot also forget to include print media which has run articles on the Libertarian Party and the Libertarian movement as a whole. Some of the sources running “anti-American” stories include Newsweek (, Bloomberg ( and Rolling Stone ( just to name a very select few.
Libertarian ideals and candidates are catching the public eye at a rate not previously seen and mainstream America and media are starting to sit up and take notice. In a world of eroding civil liberties, a staggering national debt, corrupt politicians, high taxes, bloated government and asset forfeitures it’s easy to see why the modern voter is looking for a different option and something better. For the United States government to single out the Libertarian movement is not only irresponsible but also somewhat dangerous for ill-informed Americans first introduction to the liberty movement as it elicits an unrealistic view of the true principles we believe in and what the party hopes to accomplish. If interested you can read the report in full online at: