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This first year is and has been amazing. There has been so many outright successes that we, at The Feldman Foundation, were not prepared to see. It goes to show what can be done if your focus is ON GETTING CANDIDATES ELECTED AND ENSURING INCLUSION FOR ALL CANDIDATES. We came out fighting and it showed.


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I know you want to hear about all the success we had this year but this email is to tell you what to be excited for NEXT year. 


So far this year, we forced two congressional candidates to be included into major debates at the last moment. Often times, when an organization knows they have every intention to exclude candidates that they do not favor, they will not say so, until the final hour. So, we jumped in and calmly demanded that either all candidates with ballot access be included OR they file in-kind contributions to the other candidates. It worked. It continues to work. We just exploited this on the state level as well. The result, the same!


Mark Wicks

Joe Buchman

Alison Foxall 


All were originally excluded and ALL have been invited and participated. And even better, they BLEW their opponents out of the water. And no one would have ever heard their voice. 


We offered our services to a mayoral candidate  in El Paso and came out with 45% percent of the vote. If we had enough money to include travel in our budget, we would have won for sure. 


We came in at the last minute and put Angela McArdle on the map in L.A. County during a special election. She is running for the same seat this next cycle and we hope to be able to continue to do what we do, for her and many others. 


During the 2017 cycle we took on three candidates in three different locations in the U.S. One of them won, the other two ended up with record breaking vote totals in a state where only the duopoly has ballot access. 


We continue to provide consulting services to Senator Laura Ebke, Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Sharpe and a list of about 20 more for the next cycle. In addition to consulting, The Feldman Foundation offers campaign corps services. We provide phone banking, social media, traditional media, website, email, data services, LTE campaigns, and much more.


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But what was the most effective new toy we launched? Text! We were able to increase voter outreach by 300% by utilizing text messaging effectively. 


We also learned how to utilize voter data and Facebook ads to be able to reach very specific voters based on very specific messages. 


We also are now able to accept BitCoin. I guess that is also pretty exciting. 


Oh, I almost forgot to mention, The Feldman Foundation has created and launched training for Campaign Staff AND candidates. This training includes Breaking Down a Campaign Plan, Fundraising, Budgeting for your Race, Win Numbers, Recruitment and Training for your whole staff, Nationbuilder Training for Volunteers and Staff and How to Run an Effective Letters to the Editors Campaign. Next up will be Earned Media, Events Management, Debate and Forum Preparation. 


And that is not all.


Next year, we will continue to do the same work. We will continue to add training. We will travel across the states to provide further training and we launch new technology that will change how we campaign. 


This new technology is in the works and will be BETA tested during our next round of Primary Elections. I am so excited I could burst. I wish I could tell you more, but it will bring third party candidates from celebrating record number of votes, to celebrating winning their races. 


In 2018, we will do more, we will do better and we will fulfill our commitments to you and our candidates. The new technology is the first step to being able to effectively poll and ensure inclusion of all candidates. It will be without bias. 


Thank you for sharing in our first year of great success and we look forward to sharing far more in the upcoming years. 


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The Feldman Foundation


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